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This time the question we may be discussing is no longer how to broadcast live. The network world is a grand virtual carnival, in which marketing and "by" marketing are both willing to fight one by one.


It is rumored that Yan Duan's anchorman is equivalent to a ten-level net fraud. His Highness Jobiro, the anchorman of the game, seems to have dedicated a wonderful case to this live appearance.


A couple of days ago we might have discussed live chaos, poor straight men who reward Joe, and then we'd like to talk about the drawbacks of live mode. A few days later, when the wind turned sharply, Joe admitted to appearing as a marketing planner on live broadcasting. The official statement of the Fighter Fish Company was issued and its account was closed.


This time the question we may be discussing is no longer how to broadcast live. The network world is a grand virtual carnival, in which marketing and "by" marketing are both willing to fight one by one.


Why can a disguised anchor get a reward of 10,000 yuan?


"Like the anchor can help the anchor light carefully, like the anchor can point a concern, like the anchor can help the anchor score." These words often said by anchors simply illustrate the profit model of live broadcasting: relying on fans like it, relying on fans to appreciate it.


1. The mode of live broadcasting is simple, and the madness of both the supplier and the demander is prone to chaos.


So live broadcasting is online singing, dancing, playing games, chatting, but not only that, because there are many less skilled anchors, but also here to live.


It's not easy for fans to pull out the money in their pockets. So some anchors rack their brains, choose the sword to go off the front, wear sexy, provocative words, which seems to be an inexplicable, but effective way.


If the Qiao account is true, it can only show that this simple model, perhaps it is a poke in some human weaknesses, to some extent, both supply and demand are in a relatively prosperous state.

但是据知识流和多位无名主播交流了解,直播间尽管有一定流量,但是普通人直播要留住用户也并不是那么容易的事 。这次的直播露脸事件,深究起来也有蹊跷。

But according to the knowledge flow and the communication of many anonymous anchors, although there is a certain amount of traffic in the live broadcasting studio, it is not easy for ordinary people to retain users for live broadcasting. There are also some faults in this live appearance event.


2. Deeply investigating events without appearing can really retain users? There are also some faults.


At present, live broadcasters are brushed to tens of thousands of gifts in common. First, live broadcasting lasts more than a month. Second, it is necessary to show up in order to cultivate the stickiness of fans, and the third person is clear.


Head anchors of major platforms can indeed earn tens of millions of dollars a year, and many waist anchors can easily earn tens of thousands of dollars a month, basically in line with this common feature. And most of the cost of financial data given by platforms, such as audiences, tiger teeth and fighting fish, is actually used to compete for these head anchors. Because to some extent, the main source of revenue for the platform is the reward and raffle achievement of the head anchor, and the living condition of the ordinary anchor is not particularly optimistic.


And the sudden heat of His Highness Jobiro, and suddenly the title, a lot of things can not be verified, then whether this is just a rollover, or personal marketing, or platform marketing can not be concluded.


3. Whether it is marketing or not, live broadcasting is the key to this marketing explosion.


There are not a few such Rashomon on the Internet, and in the end, no one can tell why. But as we can see, this incident can generate heat, and it still depends on the point of live broadcasting.


The communicator should have witnessed the process of live broadcasting, and the audience receiving the message, because of the image presentation, is attracted by the conflict of events, will not actively doubt the authenticity of this matter.


Assuming that this event is indeed marketing, its penetration is very strong. In the event, the two hosts connected to the network as well as the platforms received relatively sustained heat.




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